1. Redesign 2.0

    After being generally unsatisfied with what my blog looked like after I wrote my first piece of HTML/CSS code, here’s a quick update. I enabled the Ask-Box again, in case I like some anon shit messages to clutter my inbox. I also figured it made more sense to get rid of this exhaustingly long title and simply call it “Carreau”.

    Here are some thoughts on this matter, read it if you like, I’ll go on anyway.

    When I first got on Tumblr, I called this blog “Trèfle Pique Carreau Cœur”. My Intention was to lay the emphasis on the “heart” part, that’s basically the whole reason why the colors are in that weird order. If I thought it through, I probably would have had to consider that the colors have different values in different card games. In Poker, for example, Spades has the highest value, a poker player would have asked himself why I put it in the second place. The biggest problem with that was, though, that the whole title seemed too long for a URL, so I just grabbed the first URL with a single card suit, which was, of course “carreau” – and never changed it.

    Some time later, I was told by Daniel that he really enjoyed going through my Tumblr likes. Because I think his opinion is pretty valuable in terms of interweb shizzle I started an experiment. My thinking was that if I just reblogged posts, instead of liking them, I could probably increase my number of followers massively. I started a new blog, “Covered in Punk’s Blood”, named after a Desert Sessions song (basically just because I liked the title) and only to reblog stuff. I mean, that’s what the kidz do here on the Tumblr, right? Because I had seen this system work for another person, I thought I could pull off the same. But – all the “woulds” and “coulds” already imply that it didn’t work. And it didn’t. Mainly because I never thought of how people would discover it. If you think about it, people discover new blogs when they …

    1. See a blog they already follow reblog you
    2. Search for tags through the tumblr search engine

    How would they find punksblood, if nobody reblogged me (because nobody followed it it the first place) and I effin’ didn’t use effin’ #tags.

    To get to the point of this post, because it’s already pretty long: I recently thought about how I could present myself in a more fitting way, generally make more sense in what I post and so on …

    My basic idea is to keep several websites, such as this one and punksblood, under one roof, give them their own theme and their own card suit. So this is probably only the fist of some future changes.

    Keep rocking.

  2. ÖPNV.
  3. ÖPNV.
  4. ÖPNV.
  5. Error: Overflow.

    Error: Overflow.

  6. Get out of the cocoon.

    Get out of the cocoon.

  7. Howlin’ at the moon.

    Howlin’ at the moon.

  8. Anybody out there?

    Anybody out there?

  9. Île de la Possession.

    Île de la Possession.

  10. Medusa was here.

    Medusa was here.

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