1. Howlin’ at the moon.

    Howlin’ at the moon.

  2. Anybody out there?

    Anybody out there?

  3. Île de la Possession.

    Île de la Possession.

  4. Medusa was here.

    Medusa was here.

  5. The artist.

    The artist.

  6. Lookin’ good today?

    You might have noticed that something’s changed. If you don’t, well, I guess this is not the blog you check every day. I think I long got to a point where generic tumblr themes didn’t fit my needs anymore, plus I wanted to have something that was »my own«. So, here comes my first attempt in web design. Of course I am almost new to all of this programming, I got some help from Daniel, thanks for that.

    And, yeah, I know, it’s not perfect yet but I finally wanted to put it out there. I guess, I will probably adjust a few things but for now, everything looks much better and I like that.

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