1. bigger version over at dA.

    bigger version over at dA.

  2. bigger version at dA.

    bigger version at dA.

  3. with monsieur singler.

  4. i’ve been pretty busy in the last few months. but soon there will be something.

  5. fuckyeahdestaat said: “De Staat!”

    love them. :D

  6. inspiration >

    i always wanted to have this kind of arrangement, where i can post my own work on this blog and show people the things i appreciate in another place. from this moment, i no longer like posts out of my tumblr feed but reblog them at the ‘other blog’. this makes it easier for me to keep the two things apart. plus, a second blog offers new opportunities. the “like”-button only work inside of tumblr. but with a blog i can relate to things outside of this box.

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  8. i don’t live in the present but a mix of my past and my future.

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